Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A simple example of technology in action

This post might not interest some of the more technically minded readers of this blog, but I thought the following video (taken from my laptop this afternoon) was a poignent example of not only just how much data is now available for general consumption by both man and machine, but how accessible that data really is to the average citizen.

The video in the left is a live stream of Independent Australian MP Andrew Oakshott provided by the Sydney Morning Herald, announcing which major political party he intended to support; in effect announcing which political party would be able to form government.

On the right is a live concurrent feed of tweets with the hashtag #ausvotes - a collective reaction from a nation that has had to wait for more than two weeks since the polls closed - to find out who would be leading their country. Over 1000 tweets were recorded in the couple of minutes that the video runs for.

Andrew Oakshott has proved himself a master of spinning out a story in which everyone just wants to get to the punchline, as reflected in the tweet stream. As is the elation/frustration as the announcement is made.

Here's the video:

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  1. Andrew I think his name is Rob Oakeshott. Cheers - Johno Scott